5 ways to use Pinterest

December 27th, 2011 at 5:21 pm by under Overheard Online

Perhaps you’ve heard of the new thing all the kids are doing… this Pinterest website… I’m a big fan myself.

Like most social media sites, I immediately created an account, then kept quiet and watched how other people used it for a while. Immediately, I was hooked.

The idea of Pinterest is to create a virtual corkboard of things you like, then “pin” things to each board you create. The boards can be any subject you’d like. In sum, it’s how the hipsters are putting things they love in one place.

To illustrate, here’s 5 ways I use Pinterest:

  1. Shopping hints – I created a board called “Christmas/birthday wants” about 3 weeks before my birthday this year. Everytime I found something I loved online, I’d pin it to this board. That way, when someone asked me what I wanted, I didn’t agree to a football when I really wanted an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action, 200-Shot Range Model Air Rifle. (Sorry. Just watched A Christmas Story again for the millionth time.) The board has pictures and links to buy each gift online.
  2. Decorating inspiration- Remodeling or decorating your home? Have an idea, but not sure how to follow through? Pinterest is there for you, my friend. Recently, I painted an upstairs bedroom light blue and needed some thoughts on patterns and things to fill the room. I simply searched “blue bedroom” in Pinterest to see other people’s ideas for blue bedrooms. Instantly, I got style points from all over (some good, some bad).
  3. Recipes – I love spending time in the kitchen pretending like I know what I’m doing. I also enjoy eating. A lot. There are also plenty of people with Pinterest accounts that enjoy those as well. When I find a picture of delectible baked goods, or something curious like Nutella Hot Chocolate, I pin those photos on my “Om nom nom” board. Then, when I find the urge to be creative in the kitchen, I take a look at that board and pick an idea to conquer.
  4. How to’s – Google will always be there. This is true. But, I find that folks who use Pinterest tend to be a little more creative than others. For example, my husband and I save our corks every time we open a bottle of wine. My intention was to make a cork board out of them, but I am sure there are other things to do with them. I searched “corks” and found everything from place card holders, trivets, candle arrangements and even a bathmat!
  5. Event/holiday planning – Getting married? Planning a theme party? Pinterest is a great way to keep track of things you like over time, sort of like a scrapbook, minus all the effort. The trick is, when you find something you like on any website, you can hit your Pin It button on your bookmarks bar (download it from Pinterest), and you can instantly pin it to a board specifically for that event. So later, when you have time to sort your ideas, you’ve got them all there over time to look through.

To sign up, simply go to pinterest.com and log in with your Facebook or Twitter account. There’s no need to create a separate login, unless you want to. Once you’re in, find your friends, create some boards and have fun repinning other pins or find some of your own on the Web. There are many ways to use Pinterest … the beauty is making it whatever you want it to be.


Jessica O. Swink is a blogger for Get Wired on Fox43TV.com. You can find Jessica on Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/jessicaswink/


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