New charges to come to Verizon?

December 29th, 2011 at 2:26 pm by under Overheard Online

As I was perusing in Web earlier today, I stumbled over a post from the New York Times.

It seems that there is yet another Verizon “convenience charge” on the way.

According to, Verizon Wireless will charge a $2 fee when you pay your bill over the phone or online. This is slated to go into effect Jan. 15.

So… your options are, be savvy enough to set up an automatic payment for your bill, or blast yourself back to the stone age and write on one of those check things to stick in that box with the red flag thing on it.

Here’s some consolidation to make you feel better about switching to automatic billing taken from Verizon Wireless’s website:

“You’ll never have to worry about being late and if you enroll in paperless billing, you’ll be contributing to a greener Earth!”

I feel better already. :-/

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One Response to “New charges to come to Verizon?”

  1. DmArie says:

    Um this is crap!! Paying online was green!!! And the way I’ve screwed with their billing mistakes, it’s stamps for me!! I hope when I move I get more bars through AT&T!! This a a way to make money, they r holding ppl late thru mail to also charge for that! Verizon’s plans r also scam, y do they charge you more money for less mins for more ppl on a plan?? GREED!

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