Spotify honeymoon is almost over

January 12th, 2012 at 10:56 am by under Overheard Online

Do you Spotify?

About 4.4 million folks log on to Spotify to find their favorite songs, create playlists and share their tunes with others when connected to Facebook. The social music site works by allowing users to download free software, then scroll through tons of songs and artists to handpick music that will satisfy their heart’s desire.

Right now, these music lovers can listen to unlimited music for the first six months before you are reduced to 10 hours a month. But that’s all about to change.

According to a recent report, Spotify is getting ready to pull the plug on the free unlimited part.

This isn’t uncommon though. Most online music and movie sites have done similar things that have irked the music aficionados of the world. Pandora,, Rhapsody, Netflix … all of these services started out with much more free listening time, then pulled back on the reins when they realized they had a big crowd following them. Somehow, we have this crazy notion that music should be free and on demand anytime we want it and freak out when people mess with our jams. (How dare they?)

Before you plan to go all Office Space on the Spotify headquarters, keep in mind that if you have an account, you will still get 10 hours a month worth of free songs with a limit of 5 times a song. If that’s not enough for you, splurge a little bit and pay $4.99 and $9.99 on a subscription and you’ll be good to go.

I use Grooveshark. It’s basically the YouTube of a music site and you don’t really need an account to enjoy, for now at least. I just connected with my Facebook account this week and get less ads. Connecting with Twitter and Facebook allows you to find your friends and share music amongst yourselves as well, similar to Spotify. Premium accounts will set you back $6 or $9 a month if you want to listen from anywhere and experience no ads. (It’s basically Spotify with free unlimited.)

Grooveshark claims it will always have free accounts for users, but I won’t hold my breath on when the unlimited part goes away from this service, too.

For my fellow music lovers, though, I figured I’d help ease the pain when your free allotment of hours end with Spotify and you need a crutch. If you are new to Grooveshark and don’t mind someone with completely random music taste, find me on Grooveshark.

Keep rocking the free world, folks.

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